Erin Gamelin on All Beer Inside

October 22, 2022

Ten years ago, Erin and her husband Craig opened Stout Irish Pub and were one of the first to serve a wide selection of Ontario craft beers. In 2014, they decided to take their love of craft beer to the next level by opening their own brew pub. The result is Louis Cifer Brew Works!

Erin Gamelin on how canadian restaurants are struggle to survive as new survey finds diners are turning away from skyrocketing menu prices

November 8, 2023

What did shutting down small businesses do to stem the spread?

October 22, 2022

Halfway into the second lockdown of Toronto and Peel and new COVID cases are at the highest point in this pandemic. So what did shutting down restaurants, salons, gyms and other small businesses do to stem the spread? Erin Gamelin, owner of Louis Cifer Brew Works and Stout Irish Pub and Brid Marjadsingh (Breed Mar-jad-singh), co-owner of Trichology Boutique and the campaign called #ShowYourStatsTO joined Moore In The Morning with some thoughts.

Erin Gamelin- Louis Cifer Brew Works and Stout Irish Pub.

November 8, 2023

Ontario entered Step 3 of its reopening today, so Moore In The Morning is revisiting with businesses who are operating normally again. Like our contributor Erin Gamelin, owner of Louis Cifer Brew Works on the Danforth and Stout Irish Pub in Cabbagetown.

Louis Cifer blog

The 10 Best Restaurants and Bars Near the Danforth Music Hall in 2023

April 24, 2023

Louis Cifer

Original Article

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. With the pandemic in the rear view window, finally live music is finally a thing again! If you’re heading to the legendary Danforth Music Hall for a concert, why not make an entire day/night of it by exploring all the incredible restaurants and bars near the Danforth Music Hall.

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Toronto restaurants are getting creative to transform patios for cold weather dining

September 28, 2022

Amidst indoor dining closures and dropping temperatures, business owners have been winterizing their outdoor dining areas to lure in customers while keeping them cozy enough for the duration of their meal.

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Toronto Restaurant now has tent-like pods on its outdoor patio

September 28, 2022

Toronto restaurants are getting increasingly creative when it comes to keeping guests warm, and one has actually created individual covered pods for outdoor dining on their patio.

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